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No more anonymous posting on this forum!

Posted By Admin 7 Years Ago
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Posted 7 Years Ago
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We have made the decision that anonymous posting will no longer be permitted on this forum. From now on it will be necessary to register and log on to the forum in order to add posts. In the past, anonymous posting was permitted, but all such posts had to be approved before they would appear on the site. This has been discontinued for two main reasons. Firstly, some members were posting without being aware that they were not logged on, with the result that their posts took some time (often several days) to appear. Secondly, the forum has recently been subjected to an increase in spam advertising. Much of this was posted by registered users, who have been removed. However, there were also numerous anonymous spam posts, stretching our limited moderation resources.

We trust this step will make using the forum a smoother and more pleasant experience. Feel freee to direct any enquiries to

Mensline Admin

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